Monday, June 02, 2008

More Hockey, Please

I'm watching Game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals--what could actually be the last game of the season. But for that to happen, Detroit has to win and Pittsburgh doesn't seem to have any quit in them tonight. Which puts me in an odd position, fan-wise.

Obviously, I'm a Sharks fan. I still have a soft spot for the Washington Caps because they were my first hockey love. I don't like Detroit. But I loathe Pittsburgh. One of my favorite signs at a hockey game was one posted years ago by a Caps fan, welcoming the "Pittsburgh Professional Diving Team." Hockey fans will appreciate.

Now, because the Sharks don't play Pittsburgh that often, I don't have as much reason to detest as I once did, but Mario still owns the team and I dunno. He always seemed such a, what's the word . . . princess.

All that aside, I find myself sitting here watching Game 5, sort of hoping that the Penguins win. It won't get them the Cup, but it would get an awful lot of us another hockey game. After all, October is a long time to wait.


Pranayama mama said...

I think Bill's in a similar (but opposite?) boat. He is rooting for Detroit only because he can no longer stand the Penguins. And it's driving him crazy that the commentators are hyping the Penguins so much -- even when Detroit is playing well.

Melanie K said...

Crosby. That's the hype. Tho Fleury was absafreakalutely amazing last night. And wow! Bill and I are finally on the same hockey page!

Anonymous said...

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