Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Votes for Chickens!

No, we're not asking that chickens be allowed to vote. This will be much easier--especially in states where ID is required at the polls.

Over on Urban Chickens, Thomas has posted a video made by one of Sophia and Zsu Zsu's fans, Stacey. Stacey's daughter, Olivia, has entered the video in the Story Tube competition held by Scholastic. They need you to watch the video and vote--but you have to do it today AND tomorrow, because, yes, I am a slacker and am posting this late.

Here's the deal (Stacey's plea, as copied from Urban Chickens):

[Olivia] was chosen as a finalist and now the winner is being chosen by a live, on-line vote. The winner receives $500 in books plus $1000 in book for their local library (she wants to give it to her school library which just lost massive funding.)

If you like, check out the video and vote at http://www.storytubes.info. You can vote once a day until the polls close on Wednesday night. Tell all your friends, too! Go chickens!!

So go! Watch the video! Vote for it--you'll want to anyway; it's good!

(Olivia's video is bottom row, center.)

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