Monday, June 30, 2008

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Well, not my summer vacation, exactly, and of course it's not over yet. But the girls and I went to Virginia to spend a week with their grandparents; to visit a few of the tourist traps you can't go to when you actually live in a place; and to remember why I don't love Virginia in the summer. (Hint: When we landed and were waiting on the jet way for the stroller to emerge from the belly of the plane, Hannah stood for a moment, confused, before asking "UGH! What is that??" That, my little love, is what is known as humidity.)

Aside from the 18-hour door-to-door trip, we had a great time. We went to the Zoo, where we got to see all three of the pandas; the Botanic Gardens, which Grandma and I probably enjoyed more than the girls did; and out for a day of boating on Lake Anna, courtesy the neighbors.

The girls were astounded by the enormous copper screen at the Museum of the American Indian and by the prism window, though they were probably more charmed by the fact that they could dance in the rainbows it cast on the floor:

And I love how they were able to pull off the all American look just in time to hang out in the nation's capital:*

* It's all in the photography--thanks, Penny!


Pranayama mama said...

Aside from the 18 hour trip, it sounds fabulous!! We're taking the kids to VA in October -- I'll take any/all recommendations for fun.

By then the swarming gnats that I remember should be gone.

Michael said...
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Melanie K said...

I love VA in October! Next to April, it's my favorite month there. So assuming you're going to be in the DC area:
1) take B to a Caps game wearing a Rangers jersey! Caps fans are nice but they have their limits--tho not sure if it's still the Rangers
2) I loved the Newseum (still have to post pix)and I think even non-dorks will like it.
3) the Zoo--go as early in the day as possible; they're more active and I think it's feeding time for some of the animals
4) Great Falls for a little hiking
5) If you have time to travel south, Colonial Williamsburg is supposed to be a lot of fun (I haven't been since 5th grade)