Monday, June 09, 2008

There's Hope Yet

Hannah and the truth don't often like to be in the same room together. It's not exactly a new phenomenon, but I'm hoping it's a phase and so I found a wee ray of hope in the following exchange:

I was getting the girls ready for bed when I noticed that the duster that belongs in the vacuum was not actually in the vacuum. The girls like to take it out and play with it--sometimes to sword fight and occasionally even to dust!--and it doesn't always make it back to its holster. This does not rise to the level of a time-out offense, but I do like to have it where it belongs in case I need it.

Me: Charlotte, do you know where the duster is?

Charlotte: My room.

Me: Did you take it out to play with?

Charlotte: Yes.

Me: Will you go get it and put it back please?

Charlotte: Ok!

Hannah, eyes and mouth wide in shock: But . . . she didn't even try to lie!

Me, trying not to laugh: No, she didn't. She's usually very truthful.

Hannah: So . . . she's not in trouble?

Me: No, she's not.

Hannah: Huh. Maybe I should try that some time.


Anonymous said...

That is freakin' hysterical. I can just see her..."huh...I should try that."

If only GWB had been there, he might have learned something too????


Melanie K said...

No--W would just have said 1) that the duster had to be removed bc it was an imminent threat to (his) life and limb; 2) that it wasn't his fault that he relied on Charlotte's promise that she wouldn't whack him with it; and, 3) that he didn't recall it ever having gone missing in the first place. Oh, and never show shock when someone else tells the truth. :-D