Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Snow Job

Well, I guess Rupert Murdoch's wettest dream has finally come true. One of his star news personalities is now Bush's Press Secretary. So it wasn't enough to use Fox News as a virtual mouthpiece, now it's literal. And Snow allegedly only took the job after being assured an active policy roll. Yay. Good for us. Anyone taking bets on how long Helen Thomas will get to keep her front row seat? Will the NY Times even bother sending anyone to the daily briefings anymore?

I know this sounds cynical, but this seems like a Karl Rove move--get someone who is a staunch, even outspoken Conservative and supporter of the administration. Bonus points if he has recently criticized said administration. After all, this is supposed to look like a shake up, right? It's not like I expected them to appoint Al Franken, but to choose someone who is so virulently anti-Democrat is just further evidence that Bush doesn't give a rat's ass what We the (Rest of the) People think of him.

I think this is what you call putting lipstick on the pig.

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Unknown said...

I think the good news is that Bush is so far down nothing is going to help him.