Thursday, April 06, 2006

Little Bit--Not So Little Anymore

Charlotte, also known as Little Bit, Bugga Bugga and Butchee Butchee (the last two courtesy of Hannah!), is now 15 months old. It seems that it was only yesterday that we were anxiously watching through the NICU incubator as her tiny tiny chest rose and fell, keeping time with the soft beeping of the monitors. Born six weeks early, she weighed just 3 pounds, 11 ounces, and was 16 inches long. But we were very fortunate, as she had first tried to escape the womb at 28 weeks. There had been a couple of scouting missions before that, testing the fences, so to speak. Which is why I'm a little surprised that she is not already walking. Maybe she's afraid that if she tries to make a run for it, she'll be pumped full of magnesium again! Ah, good times.

So Little Bit is now 18#, 13 ounces and 30 inches long, which puts her on the stringbean side of the chart--just under the 5th percentile for weight and between the 15th and 20th for length. Translated to retail numbers, she's wearing 12-18 month size for length, but we have to roll pants down to make them stay up. Belts for babies=trouble, so hopefully we're getting the baggy-arsed thing out of the way before the teenage years.

It has been amazing to see that, as much as she has changed physically, her personality has stayed pretty much as it was at birth. Now that she's out in the world, she is one of the most patient, easy-going children I have ever met, which is a good thing as Hannah is . . . what's the word? Oh yeah: NOT. With Hannah, everything is " Now! Now! Now! Me! Me! Me! Me!" Charlotte is more of a "When you get around to it. If you don't mind . . ." kind of baby. (I vaguely remember Hannah being that way as a baby, but then we hit the 18-month speed bump. And just for the record, Kerry: Anyone who tells you that the Terrible Twos start and end between the ages of two and three is lying. Scratch them off your Christmas card list immediately!) But Charlotte is also mischievous and always in motion, whether just kicking her feet and watching her hands move, or crawling at light speed across the room. She has never bothered to stop or even pause to turn around when going down the steps into the playroom--it's always full-speed ahead. I can't WAIT until she decides to take on the staircase! No doubt Hannah will be right there, cheering her on.

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Anonymous said...

I think my little guy has already hit the "terrible twos" in the womb. Kick, kick, punch, rollover, kick, kick. Two days ago, we stopped a meeting at work for everyone to admire the bumps going on in my stomach--visible from 10 feet away. I thought that wasn't supposed to be until month 8. Oh boy.