Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Hannah-ism of 2010

Leave it to Hannah to save the best for last.

Back in the Spring, I posted Hannah's reaction to the news of the impending divorce. One of the best bits was her remarking that it must be almost dating season (which, she later told me, officially began on the Summer Solstice). Today she and Charlotte decided that, as we were going to a New Year's Eve party, we really needed to get dressed up for it and so, "Really, Mom, go and try on all of your fancy dresses. We'll help you choose."

On the third dress, the zipper got stuck and I had to ask Hannah to help me with it. With only the faintest sigh of exasperation she remarked:

"You know, if you'd get a boyfriend, you wouldn't have to ask me to do this."

Charlotte agreed.

"Yeah. Go get a boyfriend, Mommy."

Happy New Year!

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Unknown said...

They're right: you should. Happy New Year.