Friday, December 17, 2010

Awesome Hannah-ism

Last night at dinner, Charlotte decided that she didn't like what was left of her meal. Rather than just saying something like "Mom, I'm done" or, "Thanks Mom, but I really don't like potatoes," she went straight for "Don't ever make these again. No me like them." And then she said it again, louder. And again. And . . .

I didn't get a chance to interrupt, but Charlotte doesn't like even the thought of not getting her point across, the thought that someone might not be paying attention. And she was tired. So we went pretty much from having a nice, fun, chatty dinner to Charlotte screaming and being removed from the table.

After I (gently) dumped her in her bed and returned to the table, Hannah said:

"Man! I do NOT want to get pregnant!"

See? Silver linings everywhere! You just have to look.


uncle wally said...

Egads, what exactly was the menu for dinner?

Melanie K said...

doesn't matter AT ALL what is on the menu. When she's tired or hungry she can turn into a leetle bit of a terror. Like this morning, for instance.

But, FTR: roasted chicken with roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes.

uncle wally said...

well, 2 types of potatoes would put me over the edge.

It doesn't get any better. the younger one here has a laundry list of foods he won't eat (with no basis in reality for not liking them), along with paradoxical ones like cheese, although powdered mac and cheese is okay. go figure.

Melanie K said...

Charlotte wouldn't eat any type of cheese for a long time after she tried one at Whole Foods that she thought was "disgusting." So disgusting that she threw up right there in the produce section. Gah!

uncle wally said...

parenting rocks, eh?