Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mothers' Day 2009

Now that I have arisen from my sickbed, I thought I'd share my Mothers' Day, which included the most surprising, unexpected gift I have ever received.

First, I got to sleep in. Always a gift; always much appreciated.

When I finally joined the rest of the family, I was greeted with a dozen tulips and a banner that Hannah had made all by herself. It read "Happy Mom Day" in construction paper letters that she had designed and cut out by herself. The little manager that she is, she had Thomas string the banner across the room.

For breakfast, there was a selection of pastries, omelet and lots of coffee.

And then the gifts.

From Thomas and the girls:

A Kindle: The gift I was sure I would never want. I love it!

From Hannah, two new paintings:

Sheep in the Meadow


And, as promised, the most unexpected, stammer-inducing gift I have ever received. Hannah has the honor:

While the photo isn't as clear as it could be (I'll replace it later when I figure out why my auto-focus isn't working), "It's the Exoskeleton of a Cicada!! I found it in Garden class and Miss Jessica said I could have it!" I am neither required nor expected to keep it--Hannah just has a wicked sense of humor.


Pranayama mama said...

That painting of you is gorgeous. She is REALLY talented!

Melanie K said...

thank you! I think so too :)

Jessica Córdova said...

If you wouldn't sell the poppy, I'm sure I'm not getting "Mommy" from you, though I'd love it!

It even beats the Kindle by a long mark. :-)

Melanie K said...

i'll tell Hannah--she'll be delighted. But, no, I'm not selling :)

Andi said...

I love the painting of you. She has a tremendous gift. Not to mention a beautiful smile and big heart.

I am a huge fan.