Tuesday, May 05, 2009

AppleCare Is My New Best Friend

After five days of an involuntary vacation from my laptop, I have it back and am so happy that I had the AppleCare extended warranty.

I've had a problem with my MacBook not wanting to wake up after going down for a nap or after being shut down altogether. I finally got around to taking it to the Genius Bar, where they diagnosed the problem as a malfunctioning sleep switch (that may not be the technical name). My favorite Genius, Tae, also noted that I had taped down a bit of plastic that had peeled up from the lower right corner. I thought that the girls had been playing with it, or worse, that the dog had decided to see if the case was as tasty as socks. Turns out that the peeling plastic was caused by the "bumpers" at the top edge, above the screen. Apparently the bumper designers were under the impression that users would gently close the lid--every time. Hah. (Note: Do not use the words "design flaw" to anyone at the GeniusBar.)

I had to check it in to the MacHospital for repairs which took two and a half days. Of course when I picked it up, it started right up--twice. Less than a week later, the same problem was back, though it didn't happen as often.

Back to the GeniusBar I went and again almost passed out when Tae told me that it would take five to seven days, as they'd have to ship it out. A near-agonizing five days later, I got the call--it was ready for pick up. Happy dance ensued.

This time when I picked it up, I tested it several times, waking it up from shut down and sleep. I also restarted it a couple of times, just to be sure. Everything works, all of my data are still there, and the concierge again told me how lucky it was that I had the AppleCare. The first set of repairs would have cost $250. I didn't ask about this time and she didn't offer.

I now have a new:
  1. Sleep switch
  2. Main logic board
  3. Frame
  4. Heatpipe
  5. Top case
  6. Bezel
Guess all of these new parts sort of puts a damper on my plan to get a new laptop (this one is two years old, after all.) Or perhaps this mean that I SHOULD get a new one, you know, just so Tae and I don't have to keep meeting at the GeniusBar.

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