Monday, September 08, 2008

Left Coast Mom Goes Retail

After watching the Palin's speech last week, I thought of something funny. And then I thought "That would make a great t-shirt!" So I opened a CafePress store and now you can show me some love and buy my t-shirt. Don't worry, I'm not actually going to make much money on them. Maybe a couple of extra trips to Peet's. Unless of course you buy a couple and then tell your friends, and then they buy a couple . . . Which would be perfect because I really just want to see this t-shirt on every woman in the Bay area. Of course, "on every woman in the country" would be even better!


Anonymous said...

HAHA! Now that is a funny t-shirt, well played :-)

Melanie K said...

yes, well, these things don't write themselves. Buy one or two! for your wife. And that friend who so loves the GOP ;)