Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Feel Sick

We sold our tickets to the Sharks' opening game of the second round. Why? Because the announced time was 6p.m., this Friday.

One babysitter will be starting her 24-hour cancer walk (she is an amazing kid!). The other wouldn't be able to leave work early enough for us to make it to San Jose in time. So yesterday we sold the tickets.

Today, the time has been changed to 7 p.m., plenty of time to get to San Jose, park and make it to our seats. Which now belong to someone else.

I feel sick.


Anonymous said...

SO sorry! If ever you need some kid entertainment in a pinch for a Sharks game (and parking too!) we are right nearby with parking permits... just a thought. I'm sure the girls would have a blast chez Westbrook while you caught a game nearby.

Melanie K said...

Thank you so much!!! But it makes me even sicker to say that I don't think I'll need to take you up on that until next season. wah wah waaaah