Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Interior Design for the Dollhouse Crowd

One of the few things I dislike about our house is that, while we have three bathrooms, we all share the one bathroom on the main floor. For Thomas, I guess the worst part is that, well, he has to share a bathroom with three females. For me, it’s the eternal game of hide-and-seek with my personal care products.

When I’m in need, I must first go calling at one of the two established dollhouses, and then check in at the myriad shanties that pop up over night like little pink mushrooms. (Shoeboxes, hats, baskets, etc.) If I don’t move quickly or quietly enough, the trip is accompanied by little shrieks of “But Mommy! That’s the CUSHION for the SOFA!” Or “NO!! That’s NOT a tampon! It’s a PILLOW!” God only knows where the new heads for my Venus razor might be—or to what purpose they have been put.

Yes, the tampons are bolsters. The panty liners are sofa cushions—and look! Reversible! See? If you take off the little pink covers you can make a nice, long, comfy white cushion! Now if only the pink cushions stuck as well to the furniture . . .

It matters not where I put them: There is no place to hide anything that my little magpies might be able to use in a new interior design scheme. And I just found the razor heads: Individually packaged, they make excellent coffee and side tables.


CJ said...

Probably why mostly girls play with dollhouses?

If you want to avoid this situation you can switch to a diva cup.

Can't help with the razors though that's something you could keep to one bathroom (you don't touch up shaving in random bathrooms, no?)


Melanie K said...

I am ashamed to admit that I had to Google "diva cup." I don't think I'm ready for that. :)

As for the razor heads, no! I don't touch up in different bathrooms. I would never remember where I left them and we'd be right back to "Where did the girls put them?"I'll just have to put on top of the med. cabinet and hope Hannah doesn't find the step stool :)