Monday, October 02, 2006

Fighting the Urge to Vomit

A week or so ago, I managed to piss off the one sister I have who still speaks to me (don't feel too bad; I only have two) so I tried to stay away from the political for a bit. But I can't do it any more. I am angrier now than I have been since November of 2004 when, in our infinite wisdom, we once again allowed a morally bankrupt politician, seemingly deficient in both brains and compassion, to occupy the White House. When was the last time America was so reviled around the world? And where the hell are the people who were elected to represent us in Congress? Hiding behind their own shadows, that's where--at least when they aren't flexing their muscle with the HP investigation, for Christ's sake. Because really, it's almost election day; time to make it look like they've accomplished something.

Every day, something else comes out that screams "Hey, maybe someone did make a mistake about Iraq. Let's take a look at some options." Is that allowed? Hell no. Instead, we send out the big guns to once again brand as a traitor and un-American anyone who questions the president's conduct of this war. Snide, contemptible remarks like "I have to wonder if the Democrats are more concerned about protecting the terrorists than about protecting the American people" and "Some people won't be satisfied until we are forced to read Miranda rights on the battlefield" serve as red herrings to draw attention away from the continued evisceration of the Constitution.

Do you think that anyone actually read the Military Commission Act of 2006 before they voted on it? No. Want to know why? Because they were still filling in the blanks the night before the votes were cast. And we certainly don't have to worry about anyone being read their Miranda rights--on or off--the battlefield; the battlefield is now wherever the president says it is. And on the matter of torture: "We do not torture," the president recently told us. So if we don't and haven't, why do we need to immunize from prosecution anyone involved in the "harsher" interrogations that have occurred since September 11, 2001? If they did nothing illegal, members of the administration, CIA and others should already be protected under existing law, no?

There. It's off my chest and (at least a bit) out of my system; maybe now I can think more clearly. I've turned off the comments on this one because really, I'm just venting and I don't feel like being flogged for it.

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