Tuesday, October 31, 2006

12 Months of Halloween Candy? Help!

We live on a hill. A very steep hill. People use our hill as their daily workout, doing lap after lap around the block. People do not want to drag their children up and down the hill to go trick-or-treating. So far, we've had five groups--nine kids total--and I think the last few are getting just a little old for the masks.

When we lived in the flatlands of Northern Virginia, we had easily 40-50 kids. In Campbell, we also had about that many, but I think some were repeats.

So now we're sitting on three Costco-sized bags of candy, unless we get one more group through. And I think those kids will be very happy. If not, Thomas might be taking a few treats to work tomorrow.


Melanie K said...

i think he would be hoarding the stash. hopefully out of sight :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Melanie, LJ here - you know, your neighbor?
Anyway, the identical thing happened to me last year when we moved in. I should have shared it with you this year, but now you know! I found out from Jeff across the street why we don't get kids. Mark told Kola that our next house will have to be perfectly located to get mobs of kids since "Mama" loves Halloween so much!
p.s. Mark sent me your blog address after he saw you today : )

Melanie K said...

NOW you tell me! :)
Well, Thomas said that down in the "flatlands," the parents all walk the kids around, drinks in hand (parents hands, not kids). We thought we'd give that a try next year!