Friday, July 28, 2006

BlogHer '06

I'm sitting here in the Hyatt San Jose, trying not to feel guilty about being here in the Hyatt for TWO DAYS! By myself. No kids. No dog. No moving boxes to unpack. If I wanted to, I could sit in a corner somewhere and catch up on my reading. But I think I'm going for the brain candy instead. Ok, so I don't really feel that guilty yet. But Thomas is at home with the girls--both sick--and swimming in packing paper. And tissues.


hvyTK said...

< pixie dust > you are hereby absolved of all guilt for indulging yourself for the weekend < /pixie dust >

The girls and I (and the dog) are just fine. Enjoy yourself!

Melanie K said...

Yes, very sweet. Hey--wasn't he supposed to be watching the girls?! Look away from the computer . . . :)