Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Random post

So I found this god awful wig in a New Orleans hat shop during Mardi Gras a few (OK, many) years ago. Whadda ya think? Should I go red?

(Psst: The correct answer is "no." :)


Melanie K said...

I was just told that this makes me look like 1) I should be playing bongos in a 1970s coffee house or 2) playing "hooker with a heart of gold." So, I repeat: the correct answer is "no." :)

uncle wally said...

you forgot "meth lab delivery girl." I'd go with it, looks fine.

Melanie K said...

haha! I guess I should have messed up my teeth and showed those, too?

But no thanks. I won't be going with that particular shade o' red. :)

uncle wally said...

well, if you overdid the eyeliner in a goth way, it might work.