Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chicken Poop for the Soul

UPDATED: New photo! I was finally able to get Sophia and Zsu Zsu in the same shot.

This morning, the Washington Post provided another reason to love our chickens: apparently, their poop can be converted to energy. Lots of it. And it's actually a triple-threat. According to the article:

"Using a process called pyrolysis, the device super-heats the droppings to transform them into three products: an oil that can be used for heating, a slow-release fertilizer and a gas that the researchers hope will one day be recycled to power the machine."

Chicken poop is already used as fertilizer (and an excellent one, IMHO), but in Virginia, a lot of it makes its way into the Chesapeake Bay. The fish and plants there don't seem to have the same appreciation as the veggies, so converting the excess poop to energy would help reduce contamination of the Bay's waters.

While I don't think that Sophia and Zsu Zsu will be powering our house anytime soon--we'll still be relying on the solar panels for that--it is good to see that our feathered little friends will be adding one more item to the list of gifts they give us. Thanks, Girls!

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