Monday, March 16, 2009

Things I Never Imagined I’d Say

Hannah please don’t put the chickens down the slide again! And NO she does not want a ride in the swing again, either.

Charlotte—DO NOT wash your hands with that toothbrush!

Charlotte! Toothpaste! NOT the soap!

Whatever that is DO NOT put it in your mouth!

Jesus Edith! There’s a ribbon sticking out of the dog’s butt.

Feel free to add your own!


Anonymous said...

Yasmin, why on earth did you rub cheese all over the couch?

Melanie K said...

"Um, duh! Because it makes it shiny?"


Jessica Córdova said...

My best one so far is, "don't lick the dishwasher," but it doesn't compare to a ribbon sticking out of a dog's butt.

Melanie K said...

Apparently, you let your children get away with a lot more than I do ;)

Jessica Córdova said...

It's the attachment parenting--they trample all over me. :-)

Melanie K said...

no, no: they'd do that even without the attachment parenting. trust me :)