Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I Am a Dork

I've cried three times already today:
  1. My friend Barry waited in line for two hours to vote this morning, as have thousands upon thousands of others.
  2. 35,000 people were at an Obama rally in Leesburg, VA two weeks ago. Yesterday there were 90,000 at a rally in Manassas, VA and huge rallies in Richmond and Virginia Beach. If you grew up in Virginia you understand how truly amazing this is. Not exactly your typical Democrat strongholds. I grew up near Charlottesville, VA in a town that was 90 percent segregated. One side was literally called "Browntown."
  3. There were many, many people out protesting California's Prop 8 today.

The hope I've been strangling for months is seeping out and I'm almost ready to stop fighting it.


Anonymous said...

dork it up. i'm with you.

Melanie K said...

thank you thank you. i will dork it up forever :)

Anonymous said...

It feels good to be a Virginian this morning. I am having my weepy moments too.