Thursday, October 16, 2008


The entirely too-cynical me thinks the video may not be a real victim. But doesn't change the fact that Sarah Palin believes that if a rape results in a pregnancy, the victim should have to carry to term.

No one is pro-abortion. But no one should have to carry a rapist's child to term, either.

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UPDATE: In case I wasn't exactly clear about the "no one is pro-abortion" what I meant was that, while everyone would prefer to see fewer abortions, only the woman involved should make the decision as to whether or not to carry to term. That's an entirely private matter in which neither Sarah Palin, nor the courts, nor or anyone else has any right to be involved, unless the woman in question so chooses.

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NurtureGirl said... has a terrific side by side comparison on the Obama and McCain. While we may disagree about when abortions are appropriate, clearly with incest and rape as crimes against women- in those cases the crime should not be perpetuated by forcing a woman through 9 months of pregnancy if that is not her choice. We need a president with compassion. Motherhood is a miracle and blessing to be honored and celebrated not forced.