Friday, May 16, 2008

Random Question of the Week

Originally, the question was "How long can one go without writing one's book before one has to stop saying that one is writing a book?"

Instead the question has become: "If one is constantly composing lines, paragraphs and chapters in one's head, does that still count as writing the book even if those lines, paragraphs and chapters don't always make it on to paper?"

I'm going to break tradition and actually answer this one: "Yes!"

Because I feel like less of a slacker that way.


Shannon Des Roches Rosa said...

I would say yes.

I would also say "stash Moleskine pocket notebooks in reliable places" and "get yourself a phone that does voice recording."

FYI, I came up with the whole CISWY project after realizing I'd finally ditched all the roadblocks preventing me from writing my "own" book. CISWY is a really good excuse for not focusing on my own writing.

Melanie K said...

Oh, you must believe me when say that I have notebooks EVERYWHERE. And I've use Jott to send myself notes, reminders, etc. Maybe I'm just making it harder than it needs to be :)