Thursday, February 21, 2008

Random Question of the Week

Being a parent means making a few sacrifices, some more painful than others. That's why "they" always say "You know you're a parent when . . ."

You know you're a parent when you give up the last week of Chocolate Month at Copia in Napa Valley for a birthday party at Chucky Cheese. If it's not done willingly does that make you less of a parent, even if there was only the slightest chance you'd be able to go to Copia anyway?

Just for fun, a bonus question! Chucky Cheese is the promised land for kids, the place where a kid can be a kid. So why are the bathrooms sized for adults? No short sinks, no small potties, and the bathroom doors are heavy enough that some adults have trouble opening them.

Well, this is titled "Random!"


Jessica Córdova said...

Don't tell me you had to go to Chuck E. Cheese AGAIN, you poor thing?

CJ said...

I never thought about that at CC. I did notice that at ToysR Us they had the kid size toilets. Except we never ever take the kids there -- we go mostly to buy baby stuff and thankfully that's done now.

Tell me, does the stuff fairy visit your house after Cheese visits to move the ... stuff ... out of the house?

How do you handle all the cheap plastic crap kids love INTENSELY for 2 hours and then forget about?

Melanie K said...

The Stuff Fairy does indeed visit, especially since most of that shi . . um, stuff is not tagged with a "lead free" note (a la Disney). The Stuff Fairy also swoops through at night for other random, broken pieces of treasure. But we've had to adapt as Hannah has once again taken to checking the garbage can to make sure none of her stuff ended up there. I know that because just last week she was wearing a pair of shoes that I tossed bc they were too small and too beat up.