Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Race is On, Baby!

CBS has finally announced the return of the Amazing Race! The first episode is Sunday, November 4. The teams will be traveling more than 50,000 miles around the world, to countries that include Ireland, Croatia and Lithuania.

While there are 11 teams competing for the million dollar prize, only six made it into the CBS promo:
  • Grandfather and Grandson: "Goofy" airline pilot and pushy grandfather looking to make memories.
  • Couple in Conflict: He cheated. She doesn't like the way he treats her. So they're doing this--as have so many others--to see if they should get married. (Yes, she's blond and has big, um, eyes?) [Note to my blond, large . . . eyed . . .friends: This is not about you. Please don't email a slap.]
  • LA Blonds: They plan to flirt their way through the race. Because, you know, no one has tried that before. (Mee-OW!)
  • Goth Couple: They call themselves "Real-life cartoon characters." I'm taking bets on how long the makeup lasts. Hopefully, they'll lose that steamer trunk on the first leg of the trip.
  • Father and Daughter: Father is a workaholic executive; daughter is a policy analyst. They're making up for lost time, of course.
  • Lesbian Ministers: And that's pretty much how they're being promoted. But just because they're ministers doesn't mean they won't play dirty!
In the "and the rest" roles, aka: "The professor and Mary Ann" aka: "Didn't make it into the promo":
  • Brother and Sister: Both engineers; big brother/little sister complexes to overcome.
  • Dating: Volatile is the word they use to describe their three-year relationship.
  • Best Friends: Apparently they're just in it for the fun. Any bets on how long they last?
  • Sisters: "Best friends and worst enemies." But, as with so many of the other teams with a female member, they're willing to flirt their way to the front.
  • Dating for Almost One Year (No, really!): They're free-spirited and "eager to see if their relationship can stand up to the rigors of the Race."

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