Friday, May 11, 2007

Under the Category of "Are You Effing Kidding Me?!"

Spoiled little rich girl gets busted for drunk driving.
Spoiled little rich girls has her drivers license suspended.
Spoiled little rich girl drives on suspended license and signs a document acknowledging that she was driving on a suspended license.
Spoiled little rich girl is stopped again for driving on a suspended license.
Spoiled little rich girl gets 45 days in the county jail.

Idiot fans post online petition asking Governor Schwarzenegger to pardon her for her "honest mistake."

The petition opens by stating that "SLRG" is an heiress who brings hope and beauty and excitement to their lives. No, really. It goes on to list the other celebrities who "never served a day in jail after their initial arrests" while ignoring the fact that SLRG wasn't sentenced to jail for the initial arrest--she received only the token slap on the wrist--probation and suspension of her drivers license.

The kicker comes with the mention of Gerald Ford's pardon of Richard Nixon. Ford, when issuing the pardon, said that his motive was to end the "long national nightmare." In light of that, I think that 45 days in the slammer is fair for SLRG, but unfair to the American public as a much longer sentence would spare us the daily nightmare of being treated to the exploits of at least one "celebrity."


KrisRobinson said...

Your perspective on this is quite refreshing....bowing down to Left Coast Mom.

I feel a girl's night coming

Melanie K said...

thank you!

and yes, please!