Monday, September 18, 2006

A Question of Conscience

The Bush administration wants to ban only those torture methods that "shock the conscience." I'm assuming that this judicial interpretation was meant to apply more generally, as in "the nation's conscience." However, Bush seems to be taking it more specifically to mean, well, him. And therein lies the problem.


Anonymous said...

Ok probably should not go here since you are my sister and all, but if a little belly slap or some water over the head keeps my husband from being kidnapped, really tortured, dismembered and dumped by the side of the road then HOOAH! Sorry if that sound horrible but we must remember we are at war and its never pleasant!

Melanie K said...

And my point is that if we make it ok for US to do these things, then IF your husband is kidnapped--god forbid--what's to stop anyone else from "clarifying" the Geneva Conventions to mean whatever they want it to mean? It's not like this is only going to apply to al Qaeda types who don't give a crap about the Geneva Conventions. If we change this, it's for good.