Monday, June 05, 2006

Speechless in California

I finally did it. After almost 10 years together, I managed to render Thomas completely speechless. As in stuttering in shock and awe. A perfectly prepared meal, all parts ready and at the proper temperature at the same time? The house stocked with a year's worth of Newcastle or Guinness? A brand new boob job? No, no and he wouldn't be interested.

So what could possibly render my usually unflappable mate silent? Two little words. "That's it." Doesn't seem like much, but in response to the question "Where are the rest of the bags?" when getting ready to leave for a two week holiday . . . Ah, priceless. One bag for me and the girls and one for him. Both would fit in the overhead compartment if we were crazy enough to try to lug them in addition to the girls, the stroller, the diaper bag and Hannah's backpack.

If only I'd known, I would have started rolling the clothes into tiny little logs ages ago. Good thing it was a summer holiday. But with any luck, the shock will carry over for a few more trips.

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