Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Rhymes With Prick

I've avoided writing this for a few days now in the vain hope that I'd stop being pissed off about it. But just when I think the current administration has scaled the heights of stupidity, they find another peak. I guess I should just be happy that they continue to exceed expectations. Mine, anyway. So what am I so annoyed about this time? Russia.

Russia. Acknowledged nuclear power. Has some influence with Iran and North Korea. Former opponent in the it-wasn't-really-that-long-ago-let's-not-go-back Cold War. It also wasn't that long ago that Bush looked into the Russian president's eyes to get a sense of his soul. Creepy, but supposedly Putin passed the test. Fast forward to this past Friday when the Bush administration, in it's infinite wisdom, sends pitbull Cheney out to bitch-slap the Russian government on, of all topics, the human and civil rights of its citizens. He told them to act more like a democracy.

I'm guessing he meant things like authorizing warrant-deficient wire taps in clear violation of existing legislation. Locking up foreign citizens for who-knows how long without trial or even acknowledging custody. Issuing signing statements that subvert or deny the actual intent of Congress. Claiming vast powers to the executive branch because we are in a conveniently open-ended war. Refusing to turn over documents requested by Congress. Hosting town hall meetings where "ordinary citizens," hand-picked for party loyalty, get an opportunity to pat the president's head and tell him what a great job he's doing. You know, Bush-style democracy.

Yes, Russia needs to improve. Yes, they seem to be taking a turn back toward the practices of the old Soviet Union. But as a truly wise man once said, "let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Especially when publicly casting stones at an historically proud and suspicious nation. One that we need to help with all the other people we're busy taking jabs at.


Anonymous said...

First, I'm sorry that you lost your brothers. Your writing about them was heartbreaking. Second, I really liked the rest of your narrative, commentary, whatever until you got political. I am an independent voter. I have voted for about as many Republicans as Democrats in the many years that I have voted (I am 73 years old). Without going into why I disagree with some of your left-wing, Democrat dogma rhetoric (it would take several pages), I cannot understand why you, and so many Democrat Party members blindly follow the party line and speak (write) of it as if it comes from the mouth of some superior being when the Democrat party has disgusting people like Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton (I voted for him in 2000 - dumbest mistake I ever made, politically speaking -- what an embarrassment. I and millions of other people will remember him as the pervert who taught our young people that oral sex is not really sex. As for Barack Obama, he seems to be best known and revered for the sophomoric speech he gave at the Democrat Convention. I have agreed with some of his voting history to date, but very little. Well, not to waste your time. I really liked your blog until you got into the political part of it and then I pegged you as just another air-head follower of the Democrat line. I know that our present leadership, Bush, Rove, Rice, Cheney, et al, have made lots of mistakes, the stupid war in particular. But it is no more stupid than the Korean War ( I was in that one), The Viet Nam War, and now the Araq War. Our stupid politicians never learn. It is absolutely unbelievable to me. Things are so screwed up with our country at the present time that I wonder if we will ever get back to the sensibility of the Eisenhower era. I doubt it. Please keep writing your blog but please dispense with your screwed up political nonsense. You are such a good writer and it was painful to suddenly run into the brick wall of political idiocy. Sincerely, Paul Carnes

Anonymous said...
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