Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Unblinking Eye

Well I got it partly right. Argus WAS asleep on the bed. But instead of waking up with Hannah snuggled up against me, I woke to the undiapered south end of an toddler staring me in the face. And by "in the face" I mean about three inches away. I had been up late with Charlotte, so it took a couple of minutes to process this information and make the proper identification.

I'll back up for context: Hannah came downstairs about two hours after I got Charlotte back to sleep. Trying to stall for time, I told her that of course she could have a tea party on the bed. And I promptly went back to sleep, forgetting to tell her to go use the potty first. Naturally, she peed in her diaper. I mumbled something about her getting one from the diaper bag and a short time later was brought speedily to full consciousness when I realized that no, this was not her staring at me. Not with her eyes, anyway.

After explaining that Mommy was not angry, but that I would prefer that she not wake me up this way again, Hannah told me that she hadn't found a diaper but did find the wipes and just wanted me to see that her bunda was clean. And would I get up now. What do you say to that? "Oh! Um, great! Good work. Sooo . . . What would you like for breakfast?" There was no way I was going back to sleep after that.

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