Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Random Notes

I heard someone in Peet’s say “It was like being in a 3rd world country” because she couldn’t get tech support to come and fix her Internet fast enough. Seriously. So just in case you ever wanted to know just how truly spoiled we are . . .

Now I remember why I fell in love with Coldplay in the first place. Especially since it’s like listening to an entirely different band. Viva la Vida (the song) just makes me happy to my core. I think it’s the sublime combo of his voice and the violins; I’m a sucker for violins.

I read somewhere that there is a push on to make yoga an Olympic sport. Because curling has no summer equivalent? Or is the International Curling Society pushing it so that they're no longer the butt of every Olympic joke. I love yoga but I always thought it was supposed to be relaxing--not competitive. What's next? "Watching paint dry" just doesn't have a ring to it--no pun intended. Any suggestions?


Kerry said...

Oh, you so just didn't dis curling, did you?

I'm going to the Vancouver Olympics to SEE curling.

We're on the outs now. ;-P

Melanie K said...

oh, uh . . . did I say curling?
but this would be GOOD for them--if they're no longer the butt of so many jokes, maybe people will learn to appreciate whatever it is that they do. but if you'd like to create a short video tour to discuss the finer points (as well as the larger). . . :-D