Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hannah's Nanny

Last week while we were at Costco, Hannah started sulking when I told her that, no, we weren't there to get her something. After I repeated it for the fifth time, she started in on a tantrum worthy of a three year old. Well maybe not the screaming, but there was definitely crying and flinging herself around like a rag doll.

On our way back to the car, she looked up at me through tear soaked eyelashes and said "I think we should just get a nanny."

Me: But . . . . why?

Hannah: Because I think you need to go back to work. Maybe we need to take a little break from each other.

Me: Hmm.

You know the nanny wouldn't buy you everything you wanted either, don't you?

Hannah (flabbergasted): But, of course she would!

Once I had assured her that a nanny wouldn't be given extra money to spend on her, and would almost certainly not want to spend her own money on cr . . . er, stuff, for Hannah and Charlotte, Hannah sniffed a few times and said "Ok, I guess we'll just keep you, then."


Donna said...

Just wait til she is 15. you'll want the nanny

Melanie K said...

sigh. sadly, she's already 5 going on 15. or 16. and, work wise, i can't justify the nanny. :) or :( ?

Edwin Khodabakchian said...

Love this post!

Melanie K said...

Thanks, Edwin! But she scares me sometimes :) So smart--way too smart for her age in some ways.