Friday, July 11, 2008

The Dammit, #28

Dammit #1:
These aren’t all of the Dammits that were supposed to appear here this week, but I cannot find the paper on which I wrote the original. Yes, I still compose longhand some of the time. Especially when Hannah takes over my computer to watch (oh dear god no) music videos from Disney Radio stars.

Dammit #2:
We were again denied coverage for Charlotte’s speech therapy. I kind of expected it but was still a little disconcerted to read the closing: “If you are not pleased with the resolution of this matter . . .” Really? If I’m not pleased? I’d offer to rewrite their communications for them but then they might “accidentally” cancel my prescription coverage again.

Dammit #3:
George Bush called the late and little-lamented (by me, at least) Jesse Helms (R-NC) a "good friend and a great American . . . a kind, decent, and humble man and a passionate defender of what he called 'the Miracle of America." Really? Whose “miracle” was he defending? He never met a civil rights bill he didn’t try to kill; fought the creation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day; attacked the National Endowment for the Arts for promoting immorality and anti-Christianity; and worked to prevent health aid in third world countries if any organization even breathed the words “family planning” or “contraception.” He firmly believed that HIV/AIDS existed only in the gay community and that it was their own fault if they got sick—it took Bono to get him to change his tune on AIDS in Africa. I could go on but your eyes are already glazing over and, even dead, JH still turns my stomach.

Dammit #4:
There was something else political but I can’t remember what it was. You’re welcome!

Dammit #5:
Charlotte has stayed up until 10-11:00 every night for the past two weeks so I usually have to (literally) drag her out of bed in the morning to go to school and speech therapy. Friday mornings and the weekend she has off, so when does she get up? 7:30-ish. Except today: I wanted to go to a spin class so she slept in until 10:00. The anti-Dammit here is that she really needed the sleep. Plus I got to have two cups of coffee while they were still hot and read most of the newspaper.


Will said...

You would have enjoyed a conversation I had with a friend last night, who is **gasp** a McCain supporter :-). It was fun because he was trying to change my mind and I told him there was not way in hell that was happening. I could have used your knowledge as back up ;-)

Melanie K said...

is your friend normally a republican? or is he voting for McCain bc McCain is a "maverick?" the only reason he ever got that moniker is bc he voted against the rest of his party a handful of times. he's consistently pretty far right on most issues, which he's able to obscure BC the repubs are the ones calling him a maverick and loose cannon. he's also incredibly charming when he wants to be, but look where the last "dude-I-could-totally-drink-a-beer-with-him" guy got us. :-D

Will said...

Yeah, he is a republican all the time. He is a big proponent of smaller gov't and more control in the hands of the states. To boot, he is opposed to Obama's health care plan, because he does not feel that our taxes should go up to fund it. I explained to him Obama's plan to fund it and I said even if my taxes go up to fund it, I would rather pay for that than continue to pay to send young soldiers off to fight in a war that I did not agree with. His rebuttal was that either candidate, we are still going to be there. My retort, at least with Obama it will be a lot less than "100 years" :-).