Thursday, July 24, 2008

Other Things I Learned at BlogHer '08

  1. Always feel free to hop from session to session if you're not getting what you want from your first choice.
  2. Make sure that the panelist's mic is off when asking a question you don't want broadcast to the entire room. (See #1)
  3. You are not supposed to say anything negative--or anything that could be (mis)construed as being negative or snarky--about blogger "royalty," no matter how long ago you fell out of love with them. Or even if you still like them.
  4. The luminous woman sitting next to you might actually be having the same doubts about her level of attractiveness that you have harbored all of your life.
  5. Never write a book proposal on a pizza box or slip a proposal under an agent's hotel door. That is the "duh" part of this. What I actually learned was that a couple of idiots did both of these things.
  6. Women you've never met before can rip your heart fiercely from its mooring and then gently return it, intact but altered, perhaps forever.*
  7. The people who seem the toughest on the outside are usually, underneath that layer, the squishiest. But I guess I already knew that.
  8. The sticker for the book "Can I Sit With You?" is a great ice-breaker. Especially when it's on your coat. (Yes, coat. BlogHer '08 was in San Francisco.)

* I'll post the Community Keynote when its available.


SallieB said...

Hey Melanie!
Uber cool to have met you in person at BlogHer!

Particularly liked your points #3 and #4. On point, as always.


gwendomama said...

that was awesome. i was glad to meet you too.

even though you didn't like what i said when my mic should have been turned off, would personally NEVER EVER say anything snarky about anyone BUT blogger royalty, know i was that hotty sitting next to you, cannot BELIEVE you would judge me for writing a proposal on toilet paper (haha you thought i wouldn't see the pizza box analogy - you are so transparent), AND cannot believe you would call me squishy.


Melanie K said...

@gwendomama: well I KNOW you would never admit it was narcissistic. but then most narcissists never notice/admit that they are. they just look for it in other people. some of your anon readers, anyway ;)

and you were TOTALLY that hottie! I think