Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hoping for Divine Intervention

So I'm catching up on the Amazing Race--I TiVo it and wait until Thomas gets back in town since it's so much more fun to watch it when he's here. So anyway. I'm not usually into wanting people booted off of shows. But this is a special case. Charla and Mirna must go away. I hated them in their first trip around the world and I detest them now. Especially Mirna. She is hateful and oblivious. And if we are to know people by how they treat other people, the people whose help they need, she loses big time.

She uses a fake accent, and no matter which country they're in at the time, it's the same accent.

She asked a Polish cab driver if he liked sausage.

She says inane things like "As an attorney, I can tell when people are lying to me." I had NOT idea they taught that in law school!

So here's my little prayer:

"Dear God: Please make her go away. Make her stop using her cousin as a prop in The Mirna Show." Mirna likes to say that they "want to show people that it doesn't matter if you're short (Charla) or super thin (Mirna), you can still do things."

Um, what? I can understand the part about being a little person. But when was the last time someone whined about not being able to do something because they were thin?

As my favorite advice guru, Carolyn Hax, likes to say, "Chips in bowls, not on shoulders, please."


Crap. They're still in the race.

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Kris said...

I don't watch The Amazing Race, but I feel your pain.

For much more superficial reasons (your reasons are very noble, based on character, or lack thereof), I offer this prayer...

Dear God,

PLEASE get Sanjaya and Phil off of American Idol NOW! Phil has better things to do (bond with his newborn) than put America through the torture he has inflicted upon us week after week.

And Sanjaya, well, YOU know as well as I do that he never belonged there to begin with. And he keeps proving it over and over again.

We'll see if at least one of my prayers is answered tonight.