Thursday, April 05, 2007

I Think I Hate NBC . . .

For years, it seemed that most of my favorite shows were on NBC. The shows were smarter. The writing seemed to be crisper. The acting was generally better. Even the production values were better. But the peacock seems to have lost its way. So here are a few reasons I am coming to rue my love affair with NBC, as well as a few that keep me hanging on. Let's just go through the weekly schedule, saving the bright spots for last. (NOTE: I started this post awhile ago, so the lineup may have changed.)

1) Studio 60 (follow the link and you'll see they've already buried it)--The smartest, best written show on network TV--went on hiatus while NBC introduced us to The Black Donnellys--which is now being cancelled. Even though it had been expected for months, I was so annoyed about Studio 60 being put on the shelf that I can't bring myself to be interested in The Black Donnellys. Someone let me know if it's actually worth watching. Today, I hear that Studio 60 will not be returning. Not to NBC anyway. Maybe someone else will pick it up?

2) Deal or No Deal--I sort of like Howie Mandel, but not enough to make this "must see TV." It was fun for about 5 minutes and then it just got old. And more of a bad thing does not a good thing make.

3) Replacing Studio 60: Thank God You're Here, which NBC says "showcases the improvisational skills of a group of four brave actors each week, as they walk into a live sketch without a script, their only armor and unforeseen and unexplained wardrobe change." One assumes that hilarity ensues, mostly because NBC assures us that it is, indeed, hilarious. And it opens with back to back episodes!

1) Dateline NBC--This show could have been so much better. An entire hour when they could talk about something that matters and instead they have a creepy guy luring more creepy guys in so they can get an arrest--and hopefully a confession!--on camera. They tell themselves that they are ding a public service, but hows about we let the police do they job?

Of course, that's not all Dateline does; lately they've also treated us to: "The Battle for Anna Nicole Smith's body"! (Our local NBC station carried the funeral live--the genesis for this post.); "Are We Hung Up On Celebs in Free Fall?" (who do they mean by "we?"); How clean/safe are your schools/restaurants/ grocery stores/fast food chains . . .

Surprise! I actually have nothing bad to say about Wednesday. I stopped being a regular viewer of Crossing Jordon when they went all supernatural a few seasons ago, but I've caught snippets since then and don't detest it.

Love most of this (see below) so hopefully there will be at least one night they won't mess up.

Sweet mother of god. 1 vs 100 AND Identity in the same night? Oh wait--they've moved them around again. It's just Identity. And Raines. I like Jeff Goldblum, but I don't know. I just not buying him as a homicide detective. Or as a star of the small screen, for that matter. Some people seem to have been made for TV and some for the silver screen. Jeff Goldblum=Movies. David Carouso=TV.

Thank god for TiVo, Center Ice and House.

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