Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Girly Girl: 1; Mom: 0

One day last week, I was sitting on the front steps watching the girls play in the sunshine.

After a few moments, Hannah climbed up to my perch; she lovingly put her hand on my denim-clad knee and gently tucked the strand of pearls into my blue oxford cloth shirt.

“You are so sweet,” I said as I bent to kiss the top of her head. “Were you protecting Mommy’s necklace?”

Kissing me on the nose, Hannah shook her head solemnly and said, “No, I’m hiding them. You dress like a boy and boy don’t wear pearls.”


Kris said...

Oh, my! Miss Hannah! The beauty of being a girl (instead of a boy) is that you can wear BOTH kinds of things together and people don't care (for the most part, except for you, I guess).

She'll figure that out at some point.

I LOVE the fact that I can wear pearls and jeans together!

Melanie K said...

Yeah, I like to wear the pearls with pretty much anything, too. But it did remind me of the pre-kid days when I rarely wore jeans. And now it's become a uniform of sorts, the jeans and t-shirts. Some days I dread putting them on, so I didn't really need the reminder. :)