Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy (?) Hunting. It's All About Location

At the Redwood City egg hunt:500 kids were expected. 2500 kids showed up. There were 5000 eggs. Guess how many the girls got?

That's right. One. Each. We waited for the four-year olds to go in and, by that time, the older kids had gone in from the other side. It was like watching a herd of locusts--the egg line kept receding into the distance. Our neighbor, Lisa, took two from her son (1-year old; he was happy to oblige).

So we did an egg hunt in the back yard the next morning. 12 eggs, 2 kids, 1 nosy dog. Much better odds.

Ah--all better.


Kris said...

And the girls look gorgeous! What a couple of cuties! Looked like Argus had a good time, too!

Kathy Schrenk said...

Yeah, I decided 1 1/2 is a bit young to try to fight the big kids for eggs. And he wouldn't know what was going on, anyway. We saw the huge crowd at the Foster City egg hunt (we were there to watch his uncle windsurf) and I was grateful we decided to skip it.