Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hidden Dangers of the California Sunshine

I think that I've mentioned before--one, two, thirty whiney times--that it's been rainy and cold here for the past half-of-forever. Anyway. Today was, in a word, glorious. One of those days that reminded me why I love, love living in the Bay Area.

So this afternoon, I took the girls to Peet's (we're not allowed in the within-walking-distance Starbuck's anymore since Hannah told the barista that Mommy didn't like Starbuck's coffee, that we were only there so she could have a snack). It was sunny, 74 degrees, huge cloudless skies. Everyone in town seemed to be there, all overjoyed to finally shed the long pants (for shorts, for shorts!), jackets and socks.

Before the door had closed behind us, Hannah saw the two tank-top wearing biker babes in line and immediately asked (I'd like to be able to say sotto voce, but it was not to be) "Why does she have all those tattoos all over her arms and neck, Mommy? Mom? Mom--look!" We've had this conversation before, about how we don't talk about how other people look in front of those people. If she has questions, I'm more than happy to answer, but it's so much easier to do if I'm not choking on coffee or nervous laughter. So far, we've had "look at that fat lady" and "where is that man's hair? he has no hair!" and "why does she have earrings in her face?" But her fascination seems to be with tattoos. So lots of "why does s/he have a tattoo on his/her ______." And today was the official kickoff of tattoo-baring season. Thank god she doesn't have a thing for breasts--just blondes.

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