Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Presidential Debate Fun!

From an article in the New York Times on tonight's Republican presidential debate:

"Several candidates were also asked about ways they, in office, would put George W. Bush to work as a former president. Former Gov. Tommy Thompson of Wisconsin quipped, “I certainly would not send him to the United Nations," which stirred some slightly awkward laughter from the audience. He then said he would send Mr. Bush “out on a lecture series talking to the youth of America” to talk about honesty and integrity." (emphasis added)


Kris said...

honesty and integrity, huh. Is that sort of like a program where inmates teach teens about what NOT to do, sort of a scared straight tactic?

Melanie K said...

that would be my guess :)
but then Condi wants to come back to Stanford to teach international law, so what do i know?