Friday, June 15, 2007

Girl Power

This morning, Hannah told me that there was a monster in the room and that she wanted to shoot it with an arrow. Except that only boys could be archers.

This is a conversation we've had a few times. I blame it on the Disney princess movies, and I blame myself for letting her watch them. We talk about how Mulan was a soldier and fought the Huns, how Belle stood up to the Beast, and on and on. But somehow, her takeaway is that princesses need to be saved by princes, notwithstanding my reminders that:

"Mulan saved the captain AND the Emperor AND China!"

"Belle saved her father AND the Beast!"

So this morning, when she said "only boys can be archers," I told her that girls can do anything that boys can do--except pee standing up.

Thomas assures me that he has a friend who can teach her to do that, too.

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