Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Well I Didn't Make It Into Print This Time . . .

but another of my letters to the editor of the SJ Mercury News was included in the Online Extras.

I didn't know it was there until I Googled my name this morning:

"Contrary to what Robert Wright states (Letters, March 11), Ann Coulter's comment about John Edwards was not a joke. It was an outrageous comment by a very intelligent woman who persists in acting like a child. To great effect, I might add. She is quite aware that comments such as this get her back in the news, a particularly useful tactic when one has a book to sell. If you have to qualify every utterance with "some people just can't take a joke,'' perhaps you're not that funny after all."

March 14, 2007

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Jessica M said...

Ann Coulter is a media whore without even the modest talent and good looks god gave Madonna, so she has to say increasingly ugly, hateful things to stay on TV. Maybe if we all ignore her, she'll go away.