Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Fairy Godmother

My little fairy godmother click-clacked her way across the room to me, magic wand twinkling, promise in her eyes.

In a soft, southern drawl (who knew?), she asked,

"And what do you wish for my deah?"

I answered,

"I wish for two beautiful daughters. But wait! I have that already!"

She graciously offered me another chance.

"What else will you wish for?"

I replied,

"I wish for two healthy, brilliant little girls. Oh, but I have that already, too!"

Fairy Godmother was becoming impatient.

"Then I shall wish for you."

She paused and scanned my frame, head to foot. With a stomp of one small, glass-clad foot and an elaborate wave of the wand, she announced:

"You shall have some nice clothes that actually fit."

With a toss of her head, Fairy Godmother click-clacked back the way she had come, refusing to acknowledge the peals of laughter that followed.

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