Tuesday, December 02, 2008

When Puppies Attack

I introduced Kairos to the camera today. Unfortunately he's still at the stage where he eats everything first and then asks if it's actually edible.


Edwin Khodabakchian said...

He is so cute!

Melanie K said...

Thank you! I wish he could come play with your little guy, but he has to wait til he's had all of his shots--not til FEBRUARY. Bah

CJ said...

I hope the crunching sound in the video wasn't your camera!

We have our chickens (I came here from Urban Chickens) because DH is allergic to everything with fur. I'm curious how non-allergenic the doodles really are.

I have serious puppy envy!

Melanie K said...

Hi CJ! The crunching sound was indeed the camera. Fortunately, no real harm done :)

Thomas' father is also allergic to most things with fur--including dogs--so we'll let you know how he does over the holiday. We're very interested to find out, too!