Thursday, December 18, 2008

Inadvertently Inappropriate

1. Me, playing with the puppy:
"Hey little man! Where are your balls? Get your balls!"

2. Hannah playing with the puppy:
"Oh, how sweet! He's hugging my leg! And dancing!"
No, Hannah. He's neither hugging nor dancing.

3. Charlotte in the theater at Hannah's school performance. Every time the lights were dimmed, she shouted:
"Ooooh, dark-y!"
The inappropriate part was that, the first time she yelled it was after the first act. The lead dancer, one of the most talented kids in the K-2 program, also happens to be African American. Fortunately, speech therapy continues.

4. Hannah, after climbing onto my lap:
"What do you have in your pants?"
"I'm sorry, what?"
"What do you have in your pants that's crunchy?"
uh . . .
"Oh! No! That's a (dog) poop bag in my sweatshirt pocket!"

Yes. I leave you for a week, and this is what you come back to.


Donna said...

ok this made me laugh out loud - which is technically not good for someone waiting for her vertebrae to fuse. :)
sorry i missed T on his trip to DC last week.
Happy whatever to you guys.

Melanie K said...

Oh no! I'm sorry. Well, not that you laughed, but that it hurt. Hope it doesn't delay your recovery :-D

Happy whatever to you, too!

gwendomama said...

that was wayyyy funny. way.

especially the 'ooooh darky' part. because, well.....yeah - the speech therapy continues.

Melanie K said...

Well I'm glad the therapy continues and hope he's doing well. I've been hiding from most everything for a few weeks, so I'm not caught up on any blogs :(

Dan said... you have a sick mind. Taking something so pure as the words of a child and turning them around like need therapy. As do I since i was LOLing while reading this