Friday, August 01, 2008

Oh Canada!

Left Coast Mom is heading north to Canada for a couple of weeks. First Oregon (camping); then Washington (Thomas has a conference in a very nice lodge); Idaho (camping); Montana (hotel); Banff, BC (camping); and Invermere, BC (hotel). I'll probably be a little spotty about posting but hope to have some photos up tomorrow while I still have internet acess. I don't trust Hannah and Charlotte in a cafe--they're way too excited to be out and about (not to mention entirely too loud!).

Anyone need maple syrup, besides my lovely neighbors who are chicken sitting?


gwendomama said...

oh melanie!

i miss you.

come back soon.

we must talk. speech stuff.

Pranayama mama said...

have FUN! sounds heavenly. can't wait for the posts!

Kathy Schrenk said...

omg that sounds awesome. Can I have some eggs while you're gone? My hubby won't let me get chickens ;-)

Melanie K said...

@kathy: dude, come over and take some of the damn eggs! I am of course assuming that the chicken sitters haven't eaten them all. Pretty sure they can't have :) but we usually have extra.