Thursday, August 28, 2008

I (Still) Heart Joe Biden

Beau Biden's introduction of his father to accept the nomination for VP. You probably already know the story, but get a tissue anyway.

Joe's (what, you didn't know we're on first-name terms?) office has been sending me copies of his speeches for over two years now. I hope the next mailing includes a copy of Beau's speech as well as his father's.

(And when Beau speaks of his "other duties" he is referring to his upcoming deployment to Iraq.)

And, while it should go without saying, Joe's speech was pretty damn good, too:


tlk said...

you crack me up in the best way. after the month you have had, you still manage to be the witty political wonder we know and love you to be.

well done.

and yes, beau and joe had me in tears, too.

Melanie K said...

aw, thanks. and I didn't even this this one was that funny ;)