Friday, February 02, 2007

Not a Typical Week, But . . .

Because I am of the more clumsy sort, this type of week is not entirely unusual:

Sunday: Fried hard drive, as already mentioned. (Ok, this wasn't clumsy so much as heartbreaking, but it set the tone for the week.)

Monday: Saw the estimate for data retrieval. Banged head on desk. Too hard.

Tuesday: Charlotte managed to pull a 60+ pound mirror from the wall and drop it on my foot. My foot was there because I went over to stop her and wasn't paying full attention to foot placement (I was on the phone at the time). Because the laptop was out of commission, I had to go downstairs to Google "broken foot when to call doctor." I decided a modified hop would be less painful. Up until I fell down the stairs, that is.

Wednesday: Swung a sock at a mosquito doing an early test flight around the kitchen. Decided that it wasn't worth the risk to life and limb to Google "jammed finger when to call doctor." Later in the day, I bent over to take off Charlotte's jacket just in time for Argus to whip me across the face with his tail.

Thursday: Dropped a can on a glass serving bowl. Did you know that you can't recycle broken glass serving bowls? (This may actually have also happened on Wednesday; I've lost track.) Caused gastrointestinal upset when I inadvertently served moldy tortillas. This from the woman who throws away everything on or before the date stamped on the package of all food products (except cans; what the hell are those doing with "best by" dates anyway?). Fortunately--and predictably--only I suffered from the annoyed system.

Friday: Is it over yet? I'm almost afraid to say that nothing untoward has happened today, but I don't want to tempt the universe. And tomorrow I'll be safely buckled into the passenger seat--for some reason, Thomas gets a bit nervous when I drive--on our way to Disneyland. And that, hopefully, will bring a bruise-free end to the week.

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misskrob said...

Good God Melanie! It's a good thing you're not going to Vegas.

Stay safe, and have a GREAT time! I want to see lots of pics.