Tuesday, January 09, 2007

We Are Not at War

We the people are not at war. We have been asked to stand by and let the military and their families do the sacrificing and suffering for us. We have not been asked to even make economic sacrifices or reduce our oil consumption. And a gasoline tax, no matter how small? Don't even think about it; for the first time in our history we are conducting a war while cutting taxes.

So rather than tightening our belts, we are left standing slack-jawed in amazement as the President, with a paternalistic pat, tells us to go about our business. To carry on our lives as usual. To travel. To shop. To trust that his administration has "a new way forward" to get us out of this morass of his making.

Sixty one percent of the American people now believe that we should not be sending more troops to Iraq. By all accounts, that sixty one percent is about to be ignored by the president. And by all accounts, another 20,000 families will spend the next months, possibly years, wondering when and if their loved one will come home again.

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