Thursday, April 08, 2010

A Bit of Random Grossness

Want to know how you get the smell of dried dog poop out of your nose after you accidentally snort dried dog poop while trying to see if it was actually dirt or chocolate*?

You don't.

You can blow your nose, wipe the inside with a wet Q-Tip, snort half a bottle of nasal spray, inhale deeply after spraying perfume, think about snorting a line of baking soda . . .

Try whatever you like. It's not gonna work.

Happy Thursday!

* At the time it seemed to matter if it was chocolate or dirt. If it's dirt, the dog is in trouble. If it's chocolate, the girl's are in trouble. It was poop. It's in my nose. Everyone is in trouble. Because I am an idiot and not a happy camper.


Mr. Clove said...

That's funny! At least it looked like dirt, because if it looked like chocolate or a tootsie roll, for example, you might have TASTED it to see! BLEH! :-O

Melanie K said...

fortunately, i do not like tootsie rolls ;)