Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Morning Ritual

I am not a morning person, as many of you already know. But, as I have children, I have to get up early whether I like it or not (NOT!). To save a lot of strife so early in the day, there is a ritual that the girls have known since infancy.

And now you are so unlucky as to get a peek at it:

Bedhead, or, why I don't go to bed with my hair wet.

Jeezus Edith! Do NOT ask me to do algebra in my head before I have coffee.
Strike that. Do not EVER ask me to do algebra in my head.

Seriously. Not yet. Fine, yes.
Luke Skywalker can come to dinner.

You know the rule! Two cups! Mommy needs two cups of coffee.
Wait . . .

No really. Wait!
Almost there. . .

All better!

Time to go and scrape out the curls!


6512 and growing said...

Found you through Urban chickens when looking for info re: our suddenly ugly (moulting) hens.

Love the part about Luke Skywalker can come for dinner. When I am in my morning fog my sneaky little ones could get anything out of me!

Melanie K said...

Hi there-- Thanks for stopping by!

I guess they're all pretty sneaky that way. Thank god for caffeine :-)

Moulting hens are pretty scary looking, aren't they? With Sophia, we seemed to go from missing a couple of feathers one day to an entirely bald back end the next. I literally shrieked when I saw her :-)